stress, part deux

Kate commented last week that if I had just listed my knitting breaks in the list of “things that need to get done yesterday” list then I would be less stressed.  Little does she realize that the list accomodates all activites that can be reasonably “done” during the next 15 24-hour days and to try to accomodate knitting would either 1) totally deprive me of sleep, which I don’t get enough of anyway and would most likely be disasterous for me or 2) increase the number of hours in a day to 26, and since I highly suspect that people have been trying to increase the number of hours in a day for, oh, the last 2000 years or even longer, and have been total failures at that endeavor, my guess is that I would be setting myself up for failure.  And failure at ANYTHING on that list would mean increasing my stress level by about 1000%.

I did, however, download a copy of a full choral production of the Messiah by Handel in order to prepare for the Sing-A-Long.  Oh, and did did do some knitting on Friday night at the Compass thing – I figured that instead of sitting for 2 hours listening to a talk that is really geared toward/aimed at 8th graders and that I was there more for “crowd control”, I could do some knitting.  And I did.  The SSMO has increased by about 10 rows.  Yeh 10 rows!