#101, or "stress is good….right?"

Wow – I can’t believe that I’ve had 100 posts on this blog!  Today marks the 101st post – a very momentous day indeed.

I went to bed at a very reasonable time last night and fell asleep very promptly, which is rare for me.  But then I woke up at 1:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep, I just sort of snoozed my way to 6AM.  What’s keeping me awake?  Stress.  Here are my activities for the next 3 weeks (I’m not writing these down for sympathy sake but for illustration sake, although if anyone would like to volunteer a large McDonald’s sweet tea…no, never mind – that would be playing into my addiction…can’t have that!).

  • Tonight: Compass (8th grade small group at church) from 5-9
  • Tomorrow:  Bible study from 8:30-10:30, then breakfast with the group until…noon.  Then off to JoAnn’s to get journal making stuff and then off to Trinity to study.
  • Sunday: church, prep for Compass, then Compass again Sunday night, in between which I’ll be studying for Quiz and Finals
  • Monday: QUIZ in Carson’s class (for which I hope to have studied….)
  • Tuesday: my other class
  • Wednesday:  big project at work due (which I am about 1/2 way done) then bible study that I’m leading
  • Thursday: study for finals
  • Friday: study for finals
  • Next Saturday: study for finals
  • Next Sunday: serve at church both services and…. study for finals
  • Monday Week: Carson’s final (which will be the death of me, I think)
  • Tuesday Week: Other Final
  • Wednesday Week – Dec. 22:  Here are the projects that need to get done:  (1) New website for Financial Aid, (2) New Database system for Public Safety (which includes a new website), (3) New revisions for a web database for Off Campus Programs.  Normally, any ONE of those would cause me to panic, but I have ALL THREE to do.

The ONE highlight in all of this will be going to the Sing-A-Long Messiah concert on the 20th.  Yeah SAL Messiah!  (I’m listening to it now so that I’ll know all the words – wish me luck with that!)

Back to my original question:  stress is good, right?

One thought on “#101, or "stress is good….right?"

  1. You could destress nicely if you just listed your frequent knitting breaks. This always helps me get centered again.

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