I think perhaps one of you have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a few days week.  I always hate the “end of semester crunch” in which all professors thing their classwork takes precedence and then go and assign a lot of work.  Fortunately graduate school is not that bad, but with a full time job, bible study, 8th grade bible study and then SCHOOL, the end-of-semester-crunch often gets the better of me.  Right now I have a paper due on December 2 (10 pages) that I have not even started reading for yet because I have another paper due on December 1 that I – literally – just finished.  So you can see where I’ve been lately.  The ONLY reprieve that I’ve had was the Twilight movie madness excursion last Thursday at midnight.  I have fully recovered and have dreamt about vampires every night since.  Last night I was pregnant with one…don’t know how that happened…but I woke up before I got to see what a .5 vampire/.5 human looked like.  I guess I’ll have to wait for Twilight movie 4 for that one.  The movie wasn’t all that bad – definitely a teen girl flick – and it didn’t have any yucky vampire sucking stuff, so that was good.

I am going to Plainfield for Thanksgiving and hope to have some pictures of bug to post over the weekend.  I can’t believe that he will be 6 on January 1.  Really, that last time I saw him (in August) he was 2 months old.  I swear.  I purchased Kung Fu Panda today and I hope to watch it with him on Thursday.  Lest you think that I’ll be slacking on this trip, I am purposefully taking the train so that I will have 2.4 hours there and 2.3 hours back of uninterrupted reading time.  (Unless I decide to take my knitting with me and that wins the battle – please pray that that does not happen, as much as I would like it to, because the PAPER is more important than KNITTING right now – and if you’re thinking of having me committed just for saying that, then you are probably right, just don’t commit me until after finals please). 

So I’m currently sitting in class (it hasn’t started yet…) and writing this instead of reading.  Which I think I’m going to do now.  TTFN!


2 thoughts on “gulp……..(air)….gulp

  1. I’m not even going to school and I get an end-of-year crunch every year. Funnily enough, it’s better this year because, I think, of the recession – people aren’t finding as many excuses to buy things, so there are not as many timewasting “celebrations”. Bah humbug. Commiserations on the paper, and may God give you the energy to read on the train instead of knitting (or dozing.) And a seat. I understand they’re in shorter supply these days.

  2. Bug’s birthday is December 31st, not January 1st. You obviously don’t remember being at the hospital on New Year’s Eve (instead of being with some cutie partying)??

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