it is good to be back

I took a little hiatus from writing…did you miss me?  :- )  I was a little sick last week and missed work on Thursday and Friday (or rather it missed me).  I consider myself lucky though, that I am fairly healthy and don’t get sick all that often and when I do it is just a little cold that goes away after 2-3 days.  I’m not completely better but at least I can think clearly which is half the battle.

I had some success this weekend writing one of my papers.  My little cold could not have hit at a worse time, but I’m glad that at least by Saturday I was cognitient (I think I just made up that word) enough to think strategy and write about 4 pages, and I now have a clear train of thought and organization – usually half the battle with me.  Now I just have to read for, understand the content for, and write the second paper.  And have both of them perfected by December 1.  UGH!

Needless to say I have not done much on the SSMO.  I believe that I am at about 50 inches and am shooting for 70, so I’m getting close.  I figure that I’ll have at most 6 whole days to devote to it in order to get it done by Christmas, but realistically I could give it to my Mom and finish it afterwards.  We’ll see how close we get before 12/25.

I have knitter’s block when it comes to my mittens…which are being more and more necessitated lately due to the fact that it is SNOWing and COLD outside and I can’t find the other 4 pairs of mittens/gloves that I already own.  Its the thumb hole that is hanging me up.  I’m too chicken to try something only to have to frog it back – due in part to the fact that I’m doing the Magic Loop method and have 2 mittens on 1 set of needles.  Far too intimidating of a situation for me – and with the stress of school….it’s just not working out.  If ANY of YOU out there know how to knit tip-to-cuff mittens on 1 long circular and can offer advice on how to do the thumb hole, will YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW?  My blue hands would appreciate it.

Shout out to Harry and Alex – Hey guys!  Thanks for all you do me.  My body appreciates it.  (They are my physical therapists for my neck….heh….I knew what you were thinking….)

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