too early for snow

The news and weather people are in cahoots again today claiming that there is a possibility of snow this weekend.  Second weekend in November.  Snow.  Not ready for it.  My mittens are not done for one thing.  I can’t seem to get the idea of the thumb gusset worked out.  I’m doing tip to cuff mittens, nothing fancy, and I’m to the point of doing the thumb, but I’m just not “getting” it.  So it can’t snow, not until I get my mittens finished.

I’m also thinking of knitting a cowl this year.  Not sure yet, but it would certainly help with the whole snow idea (which, btw, I firmly believe is a scare tactic dreamed up by all the manufacturers of all stuff snow to get us to go spend money on their stuff…) and keeping my neck warm.  Snow or not, it is going to be cold out there.

Toodles, and stay WARM, not snowey.


2 thoughts on “too early for snow

  1. I hate snow. There will be no snow. The snow is not allowed to fall even if you DO finish those mittens. Got it? 😉

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