my confession…

I have an addiction.  This is my confession.  Everything started with the circumstances of my birth.  Perhaps if I had not been born in Louisiana, or had a lineage back to the deep roots of the South, then I might have had a chance.  But it was not to be.  I have fond memories of my mother fostering this addiction in me, never realizing the proportions to which it would eventually grow.  I often wonder that if we didn’t live in the healthy, anti-fat, anti-carb, eco, green culture if my addition would have turned out the way it has.  But I will probably never know since this is the only reality in which I have ever lived.  In the grand scheme of things this addiction is probably not the worst thing to have happen and I am thankful that it is not of a nature that would require in-patient/out-patient care to kick.

Sweet tea.  That is my addiction.  Shocked?  I’m thinking perhaps you are guffawing over my disproportionate idea of the seriousness of an addiction that seems trivial to you.  I can understand that.  But the addiction has taken on a life of its own over the last 7 months and I’m having trouble keeping it under control.

Here’s what happened 7 months ago that started me down a road from which I am having trouble returning.  Do you remember my first escapade down to Oak Lawn in April to attend a book signing by the Yarn Harlot?  It was the one that ended up with my muffler/tail pipe stranded somewhere down near Midway Airport, in the rain, and with a painful, dreadful sound in my car (I would presume it is the sound that would happen if all cars were to drive without mufflers – thank goodness for thatinvention).  Well, my “friend” Kate suggested on the start of the excursion that we stop at McDonald’s (yes, that dreaded institution of all things bad) and get some sweet tea.  “Sweet tea?” I asked, not knowing that McDonald’s sold such a thing – and this far up north of all places.  “Yup – and it’s really good”, she said.  So we stopped.  And it was only $1.  For the large.  And that was the start of this hideous backsliding of all things “Sweet Tea” that I’ve been living for the last 7 months.  Please, if you see me walking around with a large McDonald’s cup in my possession, please swat it out of my hand and reprimand me.  Seriously – please don’t help me foster this addiction any more.  This is my plea for help.  HELP!


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