change for america

I have to say that yesterday was big.  A really, really BIG day for America.  I congratulate President Elect Barak Obama for his successful campaign.  I think most of you know that I voted for McCain (and if you didn’t and are now in cardiac arrest…well, get over it) and while I’m sorry to see McCain lose, both candidates ran a good race.  I almost (but not quite) regret not being downtown last night to hear his acceptance speech.  In thinking about it this morning I realize what an opportunity I had to witness and partake in history and exhaustion should not have played a factor in lack of interest (I mean, really, how tired do you think Obama was yesterday? )  Anyway, differences set aside momentarily, I hope and pray that he will live up to his promises and that he has the insight and wisdom to hire extremely knowledgeable people and then to also listen to their advice.  Kudos to you Mr. President Elect.  Race well run.