yes, today is Sunday…and I'm in my office…

(Before I commence with today’s post, I want to give a “shout out” to Terry and Stu.  HI!  They are, for all intents and purposes, my surrogate parents.  They were our next door neighbors for close to 17 years and are wonderful, wonderful semi-parents.  Anyhow, I miss you guys and I send all of my love out to Tuscon…where it is much warmer that here… 🙂

Okay, so today is Sunday and it was not my day to serve at church today, which meant that I had the rare opportunity to sleep in and enjoy the morning.  So I did.  I slept in.  I went to Panera.  I relaxed and took my time.  Then I decided to be at church around 10:20 so that I could chat with people before the 11:00 service.  I walk into the lobby and I see Jennifer with her new daughter so I wander over and chat.  I mean, by now it was nearly 10:30 and the 9:00 service was still in full swing and I’m thinking this is a little strange, so I make a comment…and well, I think you know where this is going.  I totally forgot that the time had changed.

My theory on this is as follows.  One.  I grew up in Tucson (see first paragraph, this is where Terry and Stu live) and the most wonderful, beautiful and diverse state of Arizona (whose state abbreviation is AZ and not AR, for those of you who needed to know that) does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time.  So for the entire first, um, 20 years of my life I didn’t have to worry about the bizarre idea of time falling back and springing forward.  Granted that I am now almost (but not quite) double that age, and have spent a nearly equal portion of my life outside of the state of Arizona (AZ) and I had in it, one might think that my brain had gotten used to the idea of time flopping all over the place, but it hasn’t.  So that is point number one.

Two, while I do have a roommate, she and I are on completely different schedules and don’t really communicate to each other all that much.  So even when it was 9:30 (according to my pre-realization-of-time-change-time) and she was still sitting in my big blue chair watching the news or weather and totally not being concerned about her church (which starts at 10), I thought this a little strange.  But, as already stated, we don’t communicate all the well or often, so I didn’t ask and she didn’t offer up thoughts about a time change.

Three.  I don’t watch the news.  This is actually a travesty in my life, but I rarely even turn on the TV.  My total TV watching minutes in the last 2 weeks (serious, this is how pathetic I am) has been the last 20 minutes of ER (when did Jon Stamos get on that show?) and the first 90 minutes of Memoirs of a Geisha (which is technically a movie, but I’m including it in with my TV viewing minutes because, well, it actually involves the TV).  I only watched the first 90 minutes because I was so tired that I decided it would be worth it to go to bed.  Needless to say I didn’t hear the “news” that the time change was this weekend.

Four.  Nope, I can’t think of a fourth thing.  So I’m done; three is enough.  But you get the picture.  At least I was an hour EARLY to church instead of an hour LATE.  But can I ask just one favor?  For those of you who interact with me on a regular basis, consider this a plea to remind me next year when the time changes again, because I can almost assure you that I’ll forget again, and knowing now how much contact with the world that I actually have, I’m going to need all the reminding I can get.  Besides, next time I will be late.

So I’m now at office, after spending way too much time at church today, doing some much neede reading for one of my papers.  I have 2 due in about 5 weeks, so I had better get cracking.

Oh, and one good thing that did happen this morning. (Not that there was just one, but I’m only going to tell you this one thing.)  I have a friend, Charlotte, who is the other “Visuals” person at church (we trade off every other week, so she was the one working today) and she happens to own a lake house.  It is about a block from one of the Chain-O-Lakes lakes, which is basically due West from my house about 45 minutes.  She is going to let me stay there 2 weekends from now as a sort of personal retreat.  I’m mentioning this because I: 1) want to publically thank her for being gracious in letting me stay there, and 2) want to drive some business her way.  So if you are looking at a vacation rental in a charming little lake-side town, then please visit her website here (The Meade House) and book a spot.  It looks to be a charming little cottage.