just sort of a blah day…well, almost

Nothing much going on in my part of the world, sad to say.  I have way too many work projects (which is why I’m on my blog writing…) and too many things to do for school, and probably too many commitments elsewhere in my life.  I heard someone say once that if you want something to get done, ask a busy person.  I’m not sure I agree with that sentiment right now.  All I really want to do is go to bed and sleep.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, I’m just saying.

So I’m off to install Office 2007 on a machine in the Admissions office.  You may be wondering (as I do sometimes) why a programmer is going to install software when it usually falls within the realm of the tech support guys.  And if you did ask that question I would probably say – “That’s an excellent question…” to which I don’t have a really good reply.  Except that something is broke on this machine and it is my belief that it has to do with the fact that this one machine is the lone Office 2003 machine and therefore needs to join all the big guys in the office and have Office 2007 and if I leave it up to the tech support guys they would get around to it…someday…and well, I don’t have “someday” to wait since the loss of this functionality is a loss on productivity and where would we be if we weren’t productive?  Okay, enough ranting and I’ll go get to work….being productive.  :- )


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