just my luck

A few years ago my employer (not the one I have now, but a different one) offered a spending plan – you know, one of those pre-tax savings account from which you are reimbursed for medical expenses.  So I tried it.  Did not come in anyway close to using all the money – so I purchased 2 pairs of glasses just to use it.  So the following year I “saved” less – and then had big medical expenses.  So then the third year I “saved” more and had no expenses again so during the 4th year I gave up.  Advance several years.  Every time I think about the “savings” plan I have to weigh the history of my medical bills.  This year I lost big time – knee surgery, physical therapy and now back/neck pain and therapy.  So the big question is: right now is “open enrollment” – should I “save” or should I not?  (Can’t you just hear The Clash going in the background –> should I save or should I not…..if I do there won’t be trouble, if I don’t there will be double…so common and let me know….should I save or should I not)  (It doesn’t really rhyme…but this is why I write code and not songs.)