short term memory…vs…blond roots – you decide

The weekend was a bum one for me.  I basically just bummed around the house all day Saturday and Sunday.  I did some good too – the days were not total losses, but not as productive as they should have been.  I wonder why it is that when I have time to catch up on sleep and relaxation over the weekend that Monday’s seem to drag.  And I mean draaaaaaaag.  Since Monday is a long day for me, I decided at about 5 that I was going to go home, eat dinner, do about 2 hours of studying and then watch a new TV show.  I’ve seen a few episodes (3 via the web and 1 via my friend’s huge-mega-flat-screen-downtown-Chicago-fancy TV) of this new show on TNT called Raising the Bar.  It has that Saved by the Bell guy on it and it is interesting to see him all grown up and in a drama.

Anyhoo, I cracked the whip yesterday and got accomplished what I needed to, left work at 7, got home, ate dinner, did some studying, and then….

And then I realized that I don’t have cable.


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