getting on the wrong train

So my adventures being a city-dweller for 4 days has begun.  I mentioned yesterday that I have a friend who lives in Chicago, right on the north branch of the Chicago River.  In fact, this is the view from my her balcony.

The big lighted building you see is the Merchandise Mart.  The really, really tall building behind it is the new Trump Tower.  And of course, below is the Chicago River and all its bridges.

This is what I found waiting for me when I arrived:


(sorry for the flash burst, I didn’t realize it was going to do that….)

K is a most gracious hostess.  Their flat is awesome, to say the least.  They have a tub that is full body, 7-foot grown man long.  Imagine swimming in that thing every night.

Here’s another view:

This time I’m looking south.  The very tall building in the upper right of the photo is the Sears Tower.  Yup, you can see it all from her balcony.

I picked up some cheap Chinese food on my walk from the train station (which is a mere 4 blocks away) and sat on the balcony and just…was.  I can’t explain.  I…just….was.

I did some much needed reading and then took advantage of the very large flat-panel TV in their bedroom and watched an episode of Raising the Bar (a legal thriller) and then went to bed.

I got up early this morning in anticipation of making sure I could walk to the train in plenty of time to visit the ATM and purchase a 10-ride ticket.  Then I got on the train.

Have you ever had a moment when you knew, just knew, that you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time?  Your heart starts to race and your blood-pressure goes up and then panic begins to set in.  The last time I had this “panic attack” was when I was in college and I inadvertently got on the wrong plane.  Now before you think “boy, was that a blond move..”, let me remind you that once upon a time, once you were beyond security, tickets were not checked/scanned.  Security was not what it is now.  And, just to further explain the mistake, I was at an airport that had 1 (yes ONE) terminal and I didn’t hear the announcement that MY plane was late.  So when they called to board the plane that was THERE, I simply got on.  Got settled.  Was relaxed.  The door closed.  And then they announced that they were going to Boston (or some equally far place where I didn’t know anyone) instead of Phoenix (where my family was waiting).  P-A-N-I-C-K    A-T-T-A-C-K!  Can I just say?

So imagine my surprise this morning when I got on the train and got settled.  Was relaxed (and awake, but just bearly).  And the doors started to close…and that same feeling started to overcome me…..but I did good this time.  I was on the right train.  : -) 

(kept you ’til the very end didn’t I?)