Vacation, Part 4 (final) (lighthouses)

One of the things I like best about this type of vacation was its spontineity. Lee Ann and I went up to Washington Island with no plans other than to 1) possibly visit some lighthouses (for me), 2) eat at KK Fisks restaurant (for Lee Ann), 3) read a LOT (both of us) and 4) have a bonfire (both of us).  (I’ve probably missed a few of the “things we gotta do” that we had agree upon, but the nature of vacation is that once you’re back your brain is so “relaxed” that you tend to forget some things – like what we had planned to do and didn’t). 

Most of those that know me fairly well (or have seen my office, or have been in my house) know that I like lighthouses.  When I first moved up to the Chicagoland area I was looking for something that I could do as a photography theme (I like photography) that would let me explore a little bit of this part of the country (I had never been in “the middle” as I like to say).  One of the things that caught my attention was the sheer number of lighthouses that are on Lake Michigan, and for that matter, all the Great Lakes.  So it was decided – I was going to drive around Lake Michigan and visit (photograph) all the lighthouses.

To date I have photographed 24 lighthouses.  This weekend I added 4 (4 of the 24).  Here are the ones that I visited and photographed.  First up are 2 lighthouses that I had to re-visit because the last time I was there my film camera started to break and I ended up with no pictures.

Next 2 were “dive by’s”.  Pilot Island (not pictured) and Plum Island.  These are 2 little, uninhabited islands that are inaccessible except by private charter, which I cannot afford.  They were taken on the ferry to and from Washington Island.

Finally, Lee Ann and I took a ferry out to Rock Island and then hiked (3 miles round trip) to the Pottawatomie Lighthouse, the first one in Wisconsin.  This trip turned out to be lucky because the gentleman who lives at the campground (that’s his job, actually, to live at the campground, so he is not some skanky old man who loiters at a public campgrounds) was at the lighthouse and opened it up and gave us a tour.

The pictures of the lighthouses can be found here.  This link will take you to another page on my website and will have a link at the top to get you back here (but only if you want to come back!). 

PS – How do you like the new face lift for my blog?



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  1. Very nice…I noticed it right away. I’m going to go look at the lighthouse pictures right now but wanted to comment now in case I don’t come back 🙂

  2. Connie, can you believe that I have a friend who didn’t notice the change? Unbelievable. Glad you’re still reading….

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