Vacation, part 2 (the Island)

I’m sure that there were a few occasions that Lee Ann really wanted to vote me off the Island.  We are just polar opposites, though, when it comes to body temperature.  I am ALWAYS cold and Lee Ann is ALWAYS hot.  Never ‘tween the two shall meet.  Seriously.

There are a couple of firsts that happened to me.  I took my first car ferry ride.  If it hadn’t been so windy it would have been fun.  Once on the island, everything to Lee Ann was “just down the road” (actually, the “just down the road” thing had been happening for a while, I’ll only recount the parts while on the island).  She said that we could make it across the island in 5 mintues.  Well, I maintain that it takes more like 9 minutes, if one were to maintain the speedlimit.  (okay, small confession here – I did end up behind 2 slow pokes, so the 9 minutes might be a little inflated, but by only a skosh, which is still well over Lee Ann’s statistic.)

I visited my first Stavkirke.  This is a small, timber building that was used as the first church on the Island, dating back to 1890(?).  It was built, I believe as a replica of a Danish church from whence the settlers came.

We did a prayer trail near the Stavkirke.  It was very calming and soothing.  Here are some pictures of that.  WARNING: this link will actually open up another page not connected with my blog, but there will be a link to get back here, so click away.

We also did some yarn shopping at Sievers School of Fiber Arts located on the island.  They offer many classes on a large variety of topics, from basket weaving to wood working.  It seems like a really cool thing to do – but it seems rather expensive to me so I haven’t checked out the classes too much (just drooled a little, that’s all).  She actually walked away with a bag of material for costume making for Kat, the woman in charge of the drama program at church – for a buck.  Can’t beat that.

We also did some general schlepping things – none of which I can remember right now.  Maybe it’ll come back to me.  All I know is that it was a true vacation.

Click here to see some pictures.  This link will take you to another “non-blog” page, but there is a link at the top that will bring you back here.  But only if you want to come back.  Otherwise you can just “move on” and visit some other website.  ; -)