things i did while on vacation, part 1

1.  Slept
2.  Read (Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde)
3.  Listened to a book (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski)
4.  Knit
5.  Listened to a book while knitting (Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson)
6.  Sat on a beach for 10 minutes (and froze to death, but that is another story)
7.  Hiked
8.  Visited a lighthouse (4 to be exact)
9.  Hung out at an Irish pub and read (various, already mentioned books)
10.  Went to church (Lutheran)


2 thoughts on “things i did while on vacation, part 1

  1. Hi Tonja! You’ll have to congratulate me…I read the Reader’s Digest condensed version–or the Cliff notes version–or the speed reading version (with rapt attention to the baby/3 1/2 year old stories, though) of your entire blog!!! Congratulations on another beautiful little Niece! And you look absolutely maahvelous with your new hair color!!! Love and miss you, Connie

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