thy middle name is 'progress'

Accomplished: homework for Crown Financial class.  Whew!  Only 9 more weeks to go!

Accomplished: finished a book for one of my classes.  Whew!  Considering the mid-term is tomorrow, this was rather too close for comfort.  Hopefully I’ll do better for the next exam and finish the reading well ahead of time.

Progress: completed aobut 24 rows on SSMO – 24 rows equates to a little more than 2 inches – which is a TON by my standards.  Whew!  It is not about 1/2 way done – considering that it is supposed to be about 70 inches, I only have 33 more to go!

Accomplished: purchased book for a friend’s birthday – gave it to her and then took it back.  She has a propensity to read too quickly and I decided that this book should be her vacation book, and since our vacation does not start until Thursday, she wouldn’t get it until then.  :- )  But I did purchase it for her.  Happy Birthday Lee Ann!  Whew!

Finished: all reports and things that I needed to turn in to the Financial Aid office at Trinity.  Whew!

Progress: working through the reading for my other class.  Ugh.

Reward: purchased season 4 of The Closer and watched the first episode.  Yippee!


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  1. I’m really impressed – you are so far ahead of yourself you are even posting blogs the day ahead of the real day! 😉 congrats on conquering the fruit fly invasion! where are you going on vacation on Thursday?

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