the ridding of the fruit fly

It has begun.  Amy (my roommate) and I are officially ridding the apartment of the little buggers that have decided to make our home their home.  I am of the strong (very strong) opinion that bugs in general are not allowed welcomed in my house.  After all, they have the entirety of the out-of-doors to live in and play in, why do they have to invade my space, what little of it I have?  I usually give them fair notice and when that does not work – well, let’s say that they have no time to plan their funeral.  So it was, last Tuesday, that I let it be known to the dozen or so fruit flies in my house that they were going to be condemned over the weekend and if they would rather not DIE then they had best to leave.  Forewarned.

Fortunate for me most of them seemed to leave.  Amy and I spent some time yesterday totally cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom (the 2 places of highest concentration, although I’m not sure why the “fruit” flies would think that there was fruit in the bathroom….) – totally cleaning, I’m talking scrubbing the floor on hands and knees…etc….  We even set up a nice little trap for them and put draino down the drains to kill any breeding grounds down there.

Hopefully we have heard the last of ’em.  The pesky little buggers!