propensity for panick

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know about me.  I’m a scaredy-cat.  I admit it.  There are many things in this world that given enough time to think about them make me want to run and hide.  Nuclear war is one.  And as unlikely as nuclear war may seem to you let me remind you of September 11, 2001.  No one thought that would happen either.

I’m also scared of riots.  I can remember sitting in the living room of my Grandmother’s house watching the East LA riots after the Rodney King trail.  I distinctly recall my blood running cold and wanting to cry.  I understand anger, especially when it is aimed at injustice, but what I don’t get is mass destruction of whole neighborhoods because of it.   Martin Luther King Jr. made much bigger statements about injustice by being silent.

So the thing that scares me today is the possibility of the nation falling into a Depression (notice the big D – this would not be a little-d depression).  Part of it is selfish – I certainly don’t want to lose my job or be poor and have to go through the struggles that my grandparents did.  What scares me is the lack of hope for the future that it might bring.  You see, I have plans, and those plans don’t include a Depression.   Please pray for our government and legislatures that have to make big and profound decisions these next few days as they try to keep us from going down the path of 1929.


One thought on “propensity for panick

  1. To those of us who grew up in the Cold War nuclear war is never an entirely discounted possibility. The idea of a certain twosome having access to the Button is pretty scary to me. But as a foreigner I try to keep my opinions of American politics quiet….. and my escape route open…..

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