Life is just chugging away…choo-choo!

Okay, it’s been a week since my last confession post.  The only exciting things that have happened are, well, not that exciting.  I’ve been knitting away on the SSMO and am about 5 inches from being 1/2 way done.  I am about 2 rows from the end of the first ball of yarn.  I can’t believe how far 420 yards of fingering weight yarn will go.  It’s almost a miracle!  But I have realized one thing: as far as 420 yards goes, 2 balls will not be enough.  I’m going to have to break into the third hank.  Perhaps there will be enough there to produce a pair of socks?   Hm?  I’m trying to picture my mom in the SSMO with a matching pair of socks……nope, I’ll have to wear the socks – they’ll look better on me, I think.

I had my first quiz yesterday in Carson’s class.  Can I just say UG?  I knew it would be tough, but honestly?  How much harder could it have been?  Well, now I’ll know for next time how and what to study.

In reading news, I finished the Friday Night Knitting Club.  So, the ending was not exactly “happy”, and it ended a little “quick” (don’t you hate it when the story has been moving along at a nice slow, steady pace and then BOOM, there’s the ending?  I hate that…), but given where she took the story I thought she ended it well.  One word of caution if you decide to read this: it is not a happy chick book.  That’s all I’m going to say, but it was worth the read.

Oh, one last thing.  I’m turning in the final report that I’m doing contract for Trinity and then I’m DONE!  Yeah!  No more reports!


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