Unbalancing life at the age of 40 (well, almost 40)

There it is.  Almost as soon as I started to feel balanced and good, things started to go the wrong way.  Do you remember the sea-saw on the playground when you were a kid?  Inevitably there was always that one kid who could sit on the thing and keep you suspended in the air indefinitely.  Well, that’s how I feel right now – I’m suspended up in the air, legs flailing about, screaming at the top of my lungs…waiting for the dude to get up.  Only problem is the anticipation of the **crash** when he does.  Why does life have to be a roller coaster?  I like fun.  I even like a little adventure.  But this is ridiculous. 

I keep telling myself: It will all be over by September 30.  It’ll all be over by September 30.  (join me in chanting) It will all be over by September 30…It will….(okay, that’s good, you can stop now).

Sigh.  Just keep telling me that.  Please. (oh, and if you’re the dude holding me up, please let me down gently.  I’d appreciate that.)

One thought on “Unbalancing life at the age of 40 (well, almost 40)

  1. Ah yes, just when you think you have balance, it all unravels…pun intended ; ). Been there many times… What happens on Sept 30th?

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