sanity slowly returning

I’ve been back from vacation nearly 3 weeks now and I’m just beginning to recover my sanity.  I made tremendous progress on a big project for a department on campus and I actually got some sleep last night.  (I had wierd dreams, mind you, but because I knew that I had been dreaming when I woke up means that I acutally was sleeping, something rare for me in the last few weeks.)  I started school yesterday and I just know I’m going to love my Biblical Theology class.  The Professor is Dr. D. A. Carson.  If one could put a “face” to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, it would be Dr. Carson’s face.  He has published more, I think, than any other Trinity professor in the last 20 years.  I had high expectations from his class but yesterday he exceeded even those.  I tell you the truth – the man is absolutely brilliant – but he is also stinking funny.  And I mean that in a good way and will all due respect.

As to knitting news, my Trinity bag that I’ve been using for my projects broke on Tuesday.  The strap just came right off.  I suppose that I was placing too many demands on it.  Good thing that I had anticipated this a purchased a new canvas tote from Lands End. (I also purchased these – and boy are they comfy!)  And guess what?  They arrived yesterday.  Perfect timing.  The tote bag is perhaps a tad bit larger than I had anticipated, but I have no doubt that I can grow into it without fear of it breaking.

As to actual knitting projects, since I was a dismal failure at the Ravelrympics (please, no sympathy, let’s just forget the whole thing ever happened), I’ve been focusing again on the SSMO and am making good, steady progress.  The problem with shawls is that they need to be long, a lot longer than a scarf.  So I’m on the verge of beginning to think “how much longer is this going to go on” while actually still being enamored with the pattern.  I think Mom will love it (at least everyone else does…)

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2 thoughts on “sanity slowly returning

  1. I also find scuff slippers comfy but they tend to fall off my feet and trip me up when I’m going up the stairs fast. If anyone has found some closed-heel slippers online that are actually attractive, I’d like to know. My bones are at risk but I won’t buy new slippers until I find the “just right” ones.

    Thanks for the Trinity shoutout which caused google to pick up your blog for me. Good luck with your classes!–Jane

  2. You’ve piqued my interest. Is the progress bar available to embed from Ravelry, or is it your very own creation? Either way, I dig it. 🙂

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