cuteness all around…

Okay, here are the pictures (finally!) from my vacation.

First, though, I have to start off with a picture of my favorite Bug.  This was taken days before he lost his first tooth:

Can’t you just see that little devilish grin of his?  He is up to NOTHING!  I have more pictures but they were taken shorting after feeding time and, well, let’s just say that he is not a “neat” feeder, and his clothing was not presentable afterwards – I surely don’t want to embarrass him, poor little, toothless, bug.

So here is the story of my trip.  I’m sure you’ve read my luggage woes, so I won’t bore you with those details again.  This is Olivia when I first arrived at her house.  Do you think she is happy to see her Tia?

That was about the best face I could have hoped for.

There were plenty of moments like this:

 (don’t worry, no babies were hurt during the filming of this picture.)

There was also swimming:


 (notice that her “eyes” are on…we couldn’t go swimming without them)

Then there was a fashion show – showing off the Elephant in a Backpack that someone (ahem..) bought her…

And finally, the ballerina twirl:

It was a fun week.  Here’s some education for you.  Did you know that 3 1/2 year-olds are good for getting milk out of those coolers at Sam’s Club?

But during the entire week, this was the cutest picture I got.  It is of a sleeping Peanut.

And in case you just don’t see it, here it is up close:

How’s that for a scrumptious little peanut?  Finally, this is Peanut modeling the Baby Surprise Jacket that I made for her…

The trip could not have ended on a better note than that!

On a personal note:  Kris, here is what I looked like on Sunday…proof that I can do my hair, makeup and wear some bling-bling!


4 thoughts on “cuteness all around…

  1. I am glad — finallly — to see those pictures on this website. I am sooo thankful to be able to scoop up those kids and hug them daily! Blondknitter’s Mom

  2. I know that my visit to this site is very late. I am sorry. LUV the picture!! Your hair is cute and still blonde. You did a great job. OH Gabby pooped and now I must go. Good bye to my beautiful sister.

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