pressure, failure and apology

I’ve been back from my so-called “vacation” for over a week now.  Vacations should be relaxing and should attempt to mimic the opposite life-style of when you’re not on vacation (i.e. WORK), but it didn’t happen.  Not to say that I didn’t have a good time – I had a great time.  But it sure was exhausting – completely and utterly exhausting.  I was in Atlanta visiting my sister who just had her second child (Peanut) and stayed with them.  Not being a mother myself nor have I ever raised kids, I was not prepared for the amount of work that went into it.  I lived with a 33-year old, a 3 1/2-year old and a 3-week old plus the husband.  Plus Mom and Dad were near by.  Whew…I had no time to myself.

So I came back from Atlanta on a Thursday night, slept in my bed (yeah bed!) and then went to Bloomington, Indiana to watch my cousin march in the Rosemont Cavailers Alumni Corps that Friday night because his corps (the Cavies) were celebrating their 60th reunion this year.  This is part of the Drum Corps International thing – a large collection of Drum and Bugle Corps who practice and put on shows over the summer and then compete in a final competition.  This is similar to marching band but WAY more INTENSE.  Lloyd looked great on the field and the current Cavies came in a respectable 3rd place this year.  But it also meant that over the course of the weekend I didn’t get home (to my friend’s house) until after midnight each night and I was exhausted.  Still.  I didn’t even make it home – I was so tired that I drove to Michael and Lori’s house, which was closer than mine just so that I could go to bed.

Then last week happened.  For those of who you work in Higher Education, please remember this: NEVER take vacation in AUGUST.  Never.  Don’t even THINK about it.  Should the husband come to you and want to take a last minute trip before the kids go back to school – DON’T DO IT.  You will suffer.  As I have suffered.  There is always last minute pressure from all offices and departments on campus to gear up for the new academic year… pressure that for me, this year at least, is about to result in complete failure to keep my sanity.  It is for this reason that I have not blogged before today….because I have too much work to do and am being pulled in all different directions.  I do promise that should there be any break in the failure process, or any recovery of said “sanity”, and should I remember to bring both my camera and the USB adapter to work with me on the same days…..should all of these things swirl into a vortex and strike me at the right time – I will post some of the cutest Peanut pictures that you’re likely to see.  Pray that it happens soon, please.