the new blonde

Life has been a little busy for the last few days and I have not had an opportunity to pick up again on the SSMO.  With the Ravelrylmpics starting in 2 days it looks as if the SSMO is going to have to wait a few weeks.

Peanut is doing great.  Even in the last few days she has really changed and is beginning to focus her eyes some and really look around.  Flutterby is trying to be a good big sister.  She wants to hold the peanut and to feed her.  She just doesn’t have the “gentle” thing down yet, but she will soon.

Kris, my sister, enrolled the Flutterby in a dance class for this year.  It is a tap/ballet combination class.  She’ll even have a recital in June…can’t wait to see that one.  We took her yesterday to get her pink tights and pink leotard and pint ballet slippers (notice the trend?) and her black tap shoes.  Let’s just say that the dance store was a little bit of a sensory overload for her.  Even amidst the distractions she did good and we were able to get out of there in about 2 hours, which is a record, I think.

Then we went to the pool in Mom and Dad’s subdivision.  I am so glad that she is not afraid of the water.  She was standing on the edge and jumping into my arms just like a pro.  She still doesn’t get the blowing bubbles thing but I suppose that a few more times of getting water up her nose might cure her of that.

Oh, my watch just beeped…time to go rinse the color from my hair.  I’ll be returning to Chicago a new blond.  No grey – whoopee!

****Edited at 10:18 PM to add:
The hair color turned out great.  I am now a “Champagne Blond” instead of the “dirty blond” that I’ve been sporting.  Put on your sunglasses…here I come!