recovering the luggage

I ended up with only 5 hours of sleep Thursday night.  I got up bright and early to call the airline and find out where my luggage was.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  I was on flight #____ last night.  My flight was late by 2 hours and when I got up to the baggage claim area I didn’t see my flight listed on the leader board and consequently didn’t get my luggage.

Them:  Well, your luggage was on the flight with you, why didn’t you pick it up at carousel #5?

Me: I just told you that when I got up to the baggage claim I went to carousel #5 but my flight was not listed and my luggage was not there.  I walked around for 2 hours trying to inquire about where it could be – I rang the bell at your ticket counter and no one was there.  What was I supposed to do?

Them:  But your baggage was on carousel #5 until 12:55, when I personally took it off.  Why didn’t you pick it up?

(this continued for a few more minutes…)

Me:  Okay, look.  I was up there at 12:30 and I honestly did NOT see my luggage anywhere.  Really.  I looked, I walked around, and I looked some more.   Let’s just move on.  Where is my luggage now and how can I get it back.

Them:  Well because your luggage was on your flight with you it is your responsibility to claim it.  This means that you have to come to the airport and pick it up.  You should have just picked it up last night.


So the moral of this story is that after midnight I go blind.  This is rather a good thing to know about myself for the next time that I should ever be out and about and needing my brain after midnight.  This is the only explanation.  I must add one addendum, though.  This airline flies into Concourse D in Atlanta.  When I got off the flight and went to the bathroom it was 12:08 AM.  I know because I called my Mom at that precise time.  Having found out that they were just leaving home and that they would be at least45 minutes, I decided to walk.  Walking is good.  It is healthy and relatively enjoyable.  In fact I walked 6000 yards from Concourse D to the baggage claim area and it took me only 25 minutes (they have some moving sidewalks to help).  Now I can’t honestly imagine that my luggage made it up to the baggage claim area and everyone picked it up within 25 minutes and the flight then disappeared from the leader board within that time.  That is totally unimaginable to me.  So I return to the only explanation: I go blind after midnight.

But I spent some quality bonding time with my Dad on the drive to and from the airport.  In fact, I discovered something new about my Dad.  He is NOT good at the airport drive-by pick up.  Never ask him to pick you up at the airport.  He gets confused with arrivals (people flying into the airport) and with departures (people flying out of the airport).  He thinks that departures are those people who have just come (via plane) and now want to depart (via car).  Conversely he thinks that arrivals are those people who are just getting to the airport (via car) who then want to get onto a plane.  Vary good information to have about one’s father, don’t you think?