Bug lost a tooth

You know how when you were a kid time seemed to drag by.  A whole summer was a time that lasted forever! And the thought of being in school until you were 18 just made you seem really, really old?  Those were wonderful days weren’t they?  I loved being a kid just for that reason – time seems to slow down and give us time to just be kids.  But then something happens and time speeds up – kind of like a cruel way of saying “OK!  Time to stop being a kid and grow UP!”.  Time flies by now a days and I just don’t know where it goes.  I’m wondering if I’m going to look back on this post in 10 years a think “HA! – you only thought time was speeding by but now it is moving at the speed of light!”.

Well it seems like just yesterday that I was introduced to a little boy named Keaton.  I met him the day after he was born (December 31, 2002) (he was born really, really late in the day and thought it would be nice to give Lori and Michael some time to rest seeing as how she was in labor with him for 2 whole days) and the first time I held him I knew he was the cutest little bug ever.  I had not planned on calling him that but he sure has grown into that name.  I’m just waiting for the day that he questions why, exactly, do I call him a “bug” – but that day hasn’t arrived yet.  For now I’m just content to know that as soon as he lost his first tooth (lower) I was on the top of the list of people he wanted to tell.  Now that is a wonderful thing.

(I actually have some pictures of him taken just days before the tooth fell out and I’ll post them soon.)