ah, the anticipation of vacation

Tomorrow I am going on vacation.  I’m not sure why I call it a vacation – I’m going to be with family and probably not get much rest, hence not a “real” vacation.  As you may know my sister, Kris, just had a baby – Gabby (aka Peanut) – and I’m going to be staying with them for a week.  Now I love my sister, and I will absolutely LOVE being with both of my nieces, but let’s be honest.  This won’t be a real vacation.

A real vacation would be a trip up to the Michigan peninsula to photograph lighthouses or a trip to the beach to just “chill”, or a few days in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  That would be a vacation.  But going home to be with family who will then in turn demand work from me is not a holiday.

Now, with all that negativity said, I am so looking forward to going home.  I haven’t been home since Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping I can talk my dad into making our traditional 4th of July meal – his ribs, potato salad, garlic bread, baked beans, corn on the cob and pie for desert – mmmmmm, delicious!  Or maybe I can make some of Mom’s mac and cheese for Olivia.   I will also get my fair share of cable going – both Kris and Mom & Dad have TiVo so I can tape all the knitting shows that are on at 3:30 AM.  Oh – and I can sleep late.  How great is that?

Can’t wait….24 hours from now I’ll be leaving the college…..there’s no place like home.