The strength of karen

I mentioned last week that I’ve lived in the Chicago area now for 7 whole years.  I was so blessed by finding a church home almost immediately.  Within 7 weeks of moving here I found a church and a small group.  That first small group of friends are still very important to me.

One of the couples in that first group was Ed and Karen.  They are a few years older than me, so I would place them in their mid-40’s.  Karen has had a plethora of illnesses.  She had open heart surgery when she was 36.  She has lupus, had been dealing with an open ulcer on her leg for at least the last 7 years and was diagnosed last year with leukemia.  From the very beginning of our relationship Karen has been nothing short of strong and positive.  I got a call from Lori (via Ed) last night saying that Karen’s leukemia is back and the prognosis is not good.  2 months?

So Lori and I went to see her in the hospital but they were in the process of releasing her.  We didn’t want to bother them at home but Ed said that we could be of some use while went to fill her prescriptions.  She was in the hospital this week because of pneumonia.

She is perhaps one of the strongest women that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and I am honored to be her friend.  May God bless her and her family in the months to come.