I’m going to talk about that subject which I can’t talk about.  The Super Secret Mom Object.  I posted a few days ago about the thing that I’m going to make for my Mom, but I can’t tell my Mom what it is.  Well, more accurately I can’t tell her about the object’s size, yarn, color or pattern, or rather I can talk about those things as long as she doesn’t hear about them or see them.  And since she doesn’t read my blog all that frequently, this should not be a huge problem.  So for now on I’m going to refer to this project as the SSMO.

The pattern for the SSMO calls for worsted weight yarn, which seems a little much for me.  So I purchased a fingering weight yarn – a much better yarn for this shawl (my Mom at least knows that it is going to be a shawl, she just doesn’t know what it will look like – that’s the secret part).  Just to get a better guess as to the modifications that I’m going to need to make on account of the yarn substitution, I swatched with a worsted and now I’m in the process of swatching with the fingering weight.  HUGE difference.  I’m working with a size 4 needles with the fingering weight and I think I either need to use wooden needles (to prevent loops from falling off) or to go up a size so that I can knit tighter.

The first part of the pattern is a series of repeats and I’m going to swatch 2 full repeats and then bind off and take measurements.  Hopefully I was smart in purchasing 3 skeins of this yarn instead of 2 and should have p-l-e-n-t-y of yarn to adjust for yarn weight and the length of the shawl.

I am really surprized as how quickly the swatch process is going.  I did the worsted swatch in about 1.5 hours and about 2 for the fingering swatch.  If the pattern is going to seriously be this easy to master then I just might (***just ***might***) be able to make one for little sis too in time for Christams.  Won’t that be special?


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  1. OK–I did read this, but only after you called to explain and I was very curious about what you had ACTUALLY been blogging about. I have been incredibility busy with your sister and Olivia and Gabby. Kris is not able to drive yet and I have been her driver for things during the day. I am trying not to ‘hog’ Gabby too much because Grandma will be going home next Monday and Nana will still be here to ‘hog’ Gabby. (For your readers, guess which one in Nana!) Will you now have to change the SSMO to SoSSMO (sort of super secret Mom object)?

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