Saturday, July 19 was my 7 year anniversary.  I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area for 7 years.  Whew has time flown by.  I made the move from Atlanta for several reasons, most of which are too personal to put on a semi-impersonal blog, but suffice it to say that whatever the reason, I have been blessed in the last 7 years.

Here are some highlights:

1.  Michael, Lori and Bug.  I met Michael and Lori approximately 5 weeks after moving here and they have quickly become my family.  They are my anchor in a city where I know very few people.  About 18 months after meeting them they had a baby, Bug as I call him, and they honored me by asking me to be his Godmother.  What can I say?  Friends like that don’t come around all that often.

2.  Trinity.  One of the primary reasons for moving here was to attend Seminary.  I was actually torn between Wheaton Graduate school and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, one I had heard lots about and the other I knew virtually nothing about.  I chose the lesser, Trinity, and have not regretted that decision.  The professors are diverse and all are well known in their respective fields.  I couldn’t have asked for a better school or better professors.  Well, except for Mark Noll who is at Wheaton.  Or Doug Moo who is also at Wheaton.  Other than them (and the fact that Wheaton is not actually a seminary), Wheaton holds nothing on Trinity.

3.  Knitting.  I have to put this one on the list because it is here that I’ve learned to knit and crochet.  I would wager that if I had not moved up to the far northern suburbs, I would not have met Joanna and thus never learned to knit.  I’ve latched onto knitting, as opposed to paper crafts or photography, because of its high portability.  It is kind of difficult to take a darkroom with you to the doctor’s waiting room and it is rather cumbersome to carry all the paper craft supplies around town.  Thus knitting/crocheting are the perfect keep-your-brain-working-and-your-hands-busy-too hobby.

4.  Winter.  Now I realize that most people will cringe with this one, I mean who would put freeeeeezing cold, dark, dreary, ugly winters on their top 5 favorite things list?  Me.  Seeing as how I grew up in Tuscon where winter is literally 6 weeks long and rarely goes below 40 in the day time (=little snow), and then I moved to Atlanta where winter is probably a good 4 months (=still little snow although considerably more than Tuscon), I feel like I have some snow making up to do.  I have not been disappointed.  Even when I have shovel myself out of a 3 foot drift so that I can go to work. :- )

5.  Lake Michigan.  This one really surprized me.  I didn’t really think that the lake would be one of my favorite things here, but I have to say that I do think this is true.  I have blonde hair and fair skin and therefore I burn at even the mention of sun, but the lake, just knowing that it is there, is pretty cool.  Someday I’ll own a boat.  Gar-unteed (as Justin Wilson used to say).

Thank you Chicagoland, I’ve enjoyed the last seven years.  Here’s to the next seven.


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  1. Congratulations on your seven years among us, and may you never leave! Your knitting, your ability to recite stuff, your technical abilities, your professionalism…. I could go on… make you a welcome, reassuring, quiet presence in this little corner of the world.

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