Wait…..wait for me….I'm getting there as fast as I can….

Dear Yarn and Yarn Vendors:

Thank you for participating in this weekend’s Crystal Lake Fiber Arts Fair.  Aside from you all and this weekend there is nothing else even remotely close to where I live that provides the excitement, novelty and fascination that you do.  There is the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, but they are in another state and are about 2 hours away.  You’re much, much closer.

This year I’m thinking of spinning, so please have your answers ready (I don’t know what my questions are, but I’m sure that you’ve encountered people like me before and therefore already know what I’m going to ask). 

Also, I am really, really interested in building some stash this summer….oh, wait.  Never mind – I’ve self-imposed a non-stash building period of time through the end of the year.  So please DON’T tempt me with your wonderful yarns, I probably shouldn’t be buying them.

On second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t even come…after all I can’t really buy anything, so what’s the point?  Oh chuck it all – I’m going and you can’t stop me.  Just please, please wait for me….I’m getting there as fast as I can…..


One thought on “Wait…..wait for me….I'm getting there as fast as I can….

  1. Don’t you even THINK of not submerging yourself in the joy of yarn buying this weekend! You’ll put a damper on it for the rest of us!


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