May 23, 1975.  That was the day that began roughly 12 years of frustration, mild as it may have been.  The day started out somewhat unusual.  My Dad woke me up in the wee hours of the morning and carried me down the street to a neighbor’s house – they had 2 little boys, the oldest was my age (a very mature 6, thank you very much). I can remember eating cereal that I had never had before and loving it.  And I can remember the fantastic climbing tree in their backyard.  In fact it was in the middle of my early afternoon climb that I was rudely asked to leave that wonderful tree to go meet my new sister.  The nerve!  Now it wasn’t as if I was not prepared for this day, I mean really, my Mom was pregnant for 9 months.  But the reality of how that day would change my life I was in no way prepared for.  So I dutifully went to the hospital with my Dad. 

Now that was back in the day when babies stayed in the nursury with a big picture window so my introduction to Kristin was through the glass.  No big deal.  It she was cute.  But then she came home.

My sister was unfortunately somewhat colic-y and the first year of her life was spent in a swing.  Literally.  It was the only thing that kept her from screaming her little, tiny head off.  Then came the “terrible twos” – she was 2, I was 8.  Boy did she want to follow me and mimic me and basically drive me crazy.  And she did a great job at it, the pesky little thing.

Moving into High School, I was 14 and she was 8 and not much better than 2.  I was into rock-n-roll (*baby!*) and was quite proud of my budding record collection.  Until she sat on them.  My all-time favorite record was broken.  (nothing can quite replace Christmas with the Chipmonks).  Then there was the time that Mom and Dad made her go out on a date with me…a DATE of all things.  A DATE!  But his younger brother was there so I guess it was okay.

Looking back there were quite a few hard feelings and misspoken words.  But you know what?  We survived.  She survived all my pranks and knocks on the head and I survived getting punished for them.  And guess what?  Now it’s her turn.  She now has 2 little girls.  May God bless that household!

Here is a picture of Jude (my sister’s husband) showing Gabby to Olivia for the first time.  She actually looks happy and exited.

And look how happy Olivia is in this Pic.  This is my Dad holding Gabby.

And finally this is my wonderful, beautiful sister, whom I love more than anything in the world.


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  1. When I first read you blog today, I didn’t understand what the 12 years of frustration were. But then, I figured it out. It was from the time Kris was born until you left for college. You will have to excuse me–I was and reading teacher and then a science teacher, not a math teacher. The old gray cells are not alllll dead. Mom

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