Horses and Babies

I spent some time out at a barn last night helping a friend take care of her 3 horses.  One of them, a grey horse (his name is Greyboy), is extremely skittish and shy but last night he took a liking to me.  He let me pet him and then he decided that he liked the taste of my hand and had to have lick – about 5 minutes worth of licking to be exact – but at least we are now friends.  I’m not any help at the barn – I know next to nothing about caring for horses – but at least I can keep Patti company (human company).

In other breaking news, my sister is going to the doctor’s office today in the hopes that they will have room in the surgical schedule to give her a cesarean.  Gabby is breach and the doctors don’t want Kris to actually go into labor, so they are going to take the baby either today or tomorrow, but for Kris’ sake, I hope they do it today.  My sister can be downright obnoxious and demanding when she doesn’t get her way.  (I think it is a younger sister thing, but I can’t prove it.)  So if the doctors know what is good for her they’ll do what she says.  :- )