Last Night's Typical Mid-West Storm

I have to say that I’ve lived here for 7 years now and have become used to these mid-west storms that come out of nowhere quickly and then dissipate just as quickly.  But last night’s storm was very unusual.  I looked out my balcony doors to see this:

storm 1

and then not more than 1 minute later the storm was here….

storm 1 

Do you see that band of clouds?  That thing was moving at a VERY rapid pace…I was surprised that there was no funnel coming down, or a space ship. Remember the scene in Independence Day where those ships are hitting our atmosphere and the clouds were just rolling in….well, that’s what it looked like.

Then, about 5 minutes later my balcony windows, which rarely ever get slammed with rain looked like this:

storm 1

the rain actually hit all the way at the top of the windows, which means it was coming at me in a fairly horizontal direction. this is the scene from my bedroom window.

storm 1

Finally, after about an hour the storm calmed down enough for this to happen:

storm 1

Toodles for now.


One thought on “Last Night's Typical Mid-West Storm

  1. Beautiful photos! Hey, can we borrow some of that rain? Our sky could use a little washing right now over in northern California.

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