buttons, buttons, buttons

I finished knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket a few weeks ago and the last thing I needed were the PERFECT buttons. So I took a trip to JoAnn’s and here were the few the I came up with.

first set of buttons

second set of buttons

third set of buttons

Then I took a vote.  I basically presented the blue round buttons in the top image and the brown round buttons in the bottom image to about 15 different people.  Then I expanded the vote to include the purple hearts in the first image.

Results:  Blue: 9         purple: 4          brown: 2

Here is the final product:

(wait for it…..)


bsj finished

bsj finished

bsj finished

So I ended up with a totally different button, as you can see.  I ended up going to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston and found these and thought they would be PERFECT.  I think the pink/salmon really contrast well with the purple-blue-green colorway and the scalloped edges work well with the knitting.  They are a little too big and snag a little on the button holes, but I figure it can be worn open anyway, so I’m not going to worry about it.  Besides, I won’t be the one dressing little Gabrielle Joy, now will I?  (the sinister older sister rears her little blond head….ha, ha, ha, ha!)