I Blew It

Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day. It’s kinda like a national holiday for knitters, except world wide. I’ve seen blogs from across the world talking about people getting together and knitting out there, out in the real world, open for everyone to see.  I found a group who were going to take the train into Chicago, spend a few hours and then return, replete with signs in windows, t-shirts and balloons.  I so wanted to go and make some new friends.  But as it turned out, Saturday was my "be a bum" day – the day where I get to sit on my bum and watch tv/movies all day long – not going anywhere or having any contact from the outside world.  My roommate was gone and life was perfect.  I watched the last 8 episodes of season 5 of West Wing and then 4 episodes from season 2 of Felicity.  And I knit.  I FINISHED (well, almost finished) the Baby Surprise Jacket!  Woohoo!  All I have left is to redo one of the arm seams and put the buttons on. AND . THEN . IT . IS . D.O.N.E.!@!!!!  (I’ll have pictures soon, promise)

Sunday also turned out to be another bum day and I’m not sure why.  I was exhausted from the previous day’s bum use (or non use as it may be) and was looking forward to putting my bum into use on Sunday by going to church, lunch, and even possibly knitting in public.  But when I got up, I went back to bed.  Bummer.  I did, though, have a chance to finish a washcloth and soap bag for my friend Julie (sh!  please don’t let her know) and I’m thinking about making one for my roommate, thinking that if I gave her a place to put her soap, one that would be all her own, maybe she would buy her own soap and put it there.  I don’t know….just a thought.