There are so many things that I could write about Nashville and the conference I attended last week, but I don’t have enough space (or memory) to do so.  First, though I want to talk about the hotel.  We stayed at one of the Gaylord resorts and they are by far too large.  They are like a mini-city – complete with anything you could possibly want without leaving the complex, with the exception of a movie.  I have a small photo collage below.

My room was at the farthest possible point from the conference rooms.  On the hotel sign, the place that is pointing to “You Are Here” is where my room was, the dark blue rooms in the upper right are the conference rooms.  Way too far to walk.  I estimate I walked about 3 miles round trip just to get to the conference rooms and back, not counting all the walking around in the conference rooms.

On the plus side I got plenty of exercise.  On the minus side I was exhausted.  But on the plus side the atrium, which is basically the teal, red and green sections, had lots and lots and lots of things to look at.  They had restaurants, waterfalls (one pictured below), dragons (again, pictured below), tropical plants and of course, shopping.

Typically on the Friday night of this conference the company takes us out to experience some local fare.  This year they took us to the Wildhorse Saloon located in downtown Nashville.

You can’t really read the sign but it says “Wildhhorse Saloon”.  The inside has a few surprises waiting for us.  First, the place is three stories, with the 2nd and 3rd floors open down to the first floor where there is a dance floor. 

Nashville 2008

The had some really, really good pulled pork BBQ and apparently a delicacy of theirs is fried pickles (yes, you did read that correctly).  One of the surprises were a heard of horses running upside down on the roof.  A whole heard!

On the way out we saw I saw a fake horse sitting on a chair (pictured below), who looked as if he was ready to go out dancing with his girl.  I was beginning to think that this place (and Nashville in general) was obsessed with dressed-up statue horses, but I was as the Wildhorse Saloon, so I was trying to give them a break.  But…. at the hotel the next day I ran into a pair of horses jiving up a tune (one of them pictured).  So this sort of solidified my impression of Nashville’s hankering for dressed up horses.  Kind of eerie if you ask me.

In general the food was good, the hotel room was great, the exercise was good and lastly, the conference was good.  Ready for next year.