Baby Surprise Jacket

I think I have finally gotten the hang of this thing.  After 3 cast-on attempts, a few choice words said, knitting row 4 even after I figured out that some how I had lost 3 stitches in row 3 and determined that I was NOT going to frog again, I finally have it figured out.  It is rather simple, really.  I don’t know why I had such a hard time with the start, but hopefully things will be smooth from here on out.

I even applied a trick that I learned in my mittens class a month ago.  Row 11 calls for an increase of 18 stitches, 9 on each side, to "fill out" the sleeves.  Back in row 4 when I had to increase 3 stitches to make up for the three that I lost, I used the pick-up method, the one where you dip down to the row below and bring up the yarn to make a new stitch.  Well, when you knit on the row coming back you actually create a small, rather noticeable hold. 

See the hole?  It’s small, I know, but it is still there and I’m a little self-conscious about it, thank you very much.










So when it came time for me to add the 18 stitches I was a little more than concerned about the holes in the thing.  I didn’t think they were becoming.  But then something happened.  I suddenly remembered a technique from my mittens class that just might apply here.  And lo-and-behold it worked!  No holes!  See?

DSC00562 The increase row was the second blue row.  Betcha can’t find any holes in there that aren’t supposed to be there!  Ha! to the holes!

Here’s what I did.  When I came to the stitch that I was supposed to increase, I did a simple yarn-over, which will also produce a small hole.  But then on the next row, instead of knitting it just as it is, I knit into the back loop instead of knitting into the front loop.  This will in effect flip the stitch around closing up the hole.  And unless you make the yarn over too loose (which I did on a few of them) you cannot tell that you increased at all.  Rather a brilliant move on someone’s part to invent that I’ll tell you!

So this is the progress I’ve made in the last few days..all while attending a conference in Nashville.  Toodles!