Confessions, part 1

I confessed a few weeks ago to having a yarn obsession, but what I didn’t explain was that my obsession is really not that bad.  Now I know what you are thinking, that most people with an addiction and/or obsession always say that they "are not that bad" and to their credit there will probably always be someone worse off than they.  I think this holds true for me – there are absolutely TONS of people with worse yarn/knitting addictions than me.  I know, I’ve read their blogs.  My confession today comes not as a justification of how not bad my addiction really is, but an exploration of how I think about knitting and yarn.

I started with crochet about 4 years ago learning from a friend who knits and crochets constantly and has been doing so since she was about 5 years old.  She is "mom taught" and has not taken many, if any, knitting/crochet classes.  I really respect her for what she does.  She has a big heart and makes lots of things for other people and rarely anything for herself.  I have had a great time learning both crafts from her.

I decided to learn these two crafts after several frustrating years of doing cross-stitch (which I still do enjoy just not as much).  My frustration stemmed from how not really portable that craft is.  Just as soon as I get settled in a chair, pull out the chart, select the floss and thread the needle, probably 20 minutes have passed and no progress on the actual piece has been made.  The constant chart reading was enough to drive me crazy.  Enter a more portable craft: crochet.

I’ve decided that I’m more of a dreaming knitter than a productive one.  Looking at my list of Finished Objects in the last 3 years one could probably guess that about me fairly easily.  I don’t knit fast, nor do I knit frequently, but I enjoy the process of knitting more than anything.  Being able to see a pattern develop, learn new patterns and actually do something while watching TV is very soothing and relaxing.  Something much needed in my hectic life.  Being a full-time programmer and part time graduate student, all the while leading a bible study and being a part of my church’s 8th grade confirmation class, doesn’t leave much time for knitting.  Hence the low number of FO’s.  But, because my schedule is so full, when I finally do sit down to knit, boy-oh-boy is that a relaxing hour or two.

Enter the dreaming part.  I’ve been purchasing quite a few knitting magazines lately and I’ve decided that I almost enjoy reading about knitting than actually knitting.  This may seem strange to you, but in my mind the possibilities of what to knit next are fantastic.  There are hoards and hoards of things out there that I can dream about and not have to worry about messing them up because I’m never really going to knit them.  That’s a pretty cool thing.  A lot less stress and some creative dreaming to boot.  Can’t beat that.

Until next time in the confessions diary – toodles.