Baby Hearts – as promised

I was really bummed at first to do a whole blanket in yellow, but I must say that this turned out okay.  I edged it with a pink yarn that was the perfect pink for the yellow, not too dark and not too pale.  The pink yarn also had little "ribbons" of color – blue, pink, yellow and green – that seemed to finish it off just right.


I’ve already had one comment that this doll is "freaky".  My grandmother made her, so please don’t freak out.  The doll really is much better in person.


This is a little blurry, but here you can see the edging a little better.  I did one row around of a slip crochet (really a 1/2 crochet), one round of a pure single crochet and one round of a picot edging.  It worked well…no folding or too much puckering.


FO: Saturday, May 10, 2008.  1 skein of 3/4 lb of love and 1 skein of something else (the pink yarn).  Started in October.  Pattern: made up.  It is basically 10 "columns" of hearts by 8 "rows".


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