Baby Hearts – as promised

I was really bummed at first to do a whole blanket in yellow, but I must say that this turned out okay.  I edged it with a pink yarn that was the perfect pink for the yellow, not too dark and not too pale.  The pink yarn also had little "ribbons" of color – blue, pink, yellow and green – that seemed to finish it off just right.


I’ve already had one comment that this doll is "freaky".  My grandmother made her, so please don’t freak out.  The doll really is much better in person.


This is a little blurry, but here you can see the edging a little better.  I did one row around of a slip crochet (really a 1/2 crochet), one round of a pure single crochet and one round of a picot edging.  It worked well…no folding or too much puckering.


FO: Saturday, May 10, 2008.  1 skein of 3/4 lb of love and 1 skein of something else (the pink yarn).  Started in October.  Pattern: made up.  It is basically 10 "columns" of hearts by 8 "rows".


A Day in the Life of 2 Retirees

Sometimes my mom really surprises me.  She emailed me a few pictures yesterday (that’s not what surprised me) along with this narrative (this is what surprised me):

I am sending you pictures. I was going to go to UPS and get your package off, but when I went downstairs I found the battery in my car was DEAD. Your Dad tried to take it out, but found he cannot find his metric tools (because I think he never puts things back where they belong–but that’s just me). He asked if I had a key to Kris & Jude’s house and I said yes. He tried calling Jude at work–I told him that he may have to leave a voice mail and he would call back–but he didn’t call back. He tried calling his cell Jude didn’t answer. Sooooo, he decided to jump in the truck and go to Auto Zone and buy a battery AND the metric tools that he would need. Here I sit with only laundry to get started on and waiting for a car. This is all for your benefit because I would not have downloaded the pictures until later this afternoon or sent them. Have a good time with the pictures! Mom

I thought this was a well written narrative.  I’m putting this out here in cyber space so that you can all see that 1) I am related to my Dad (my answer to not finding things is to just buy another…and I lose things quite frequently) and 2) that I am related to my Mom (cynical outlook while waiting for other people to do what they are supposed to).

Then she wrote this:

He came back with a new battery and ONE new wrench. The new battery had a carrying handle that we had to remove before it was placed in the car. The guy had told him how to remove it. Your Dad had trouble doing that. There is a tab that has to be bent out or it will catch on the battery and keep the handle from coming out. He worked and worked and couldn’t figure it out. I picked up a flat head screwdriver and held the tab out from underneath, but I couldn’t see what I was doing because I was not in the right position. He took the screwdriver and tried it and obviously he could see and it worked! He said ‘hmmm’ and went to work on the other handle. I said ‘you’re welcome’ and he looked at me and nodded his head. I guess that was his thank you. Anyway, we got the new battery in and screwed down and he reconnected the positive terminal, but when he touched the negative thing to the negative terminal, he horn went off and the lights blinked and we both jumped. Every time  he tried, the horn went off. That’s when he said “I guess I need to call [the Honda place] about this.”  All we had to do was when the horn sounded was to put the key into the lock on the door and turn it—that resets the alarm system. We did and it did not go off again. When he finished tightening everything up, it actually started up!

Oh, the things I get to look forward to when I retire.  Dead batteries and having all day to fix them…with no where pressing to go.. Ho Hum.  🙂

Here are the pictures she sent.  The first one is my Dad with Olivia and the second is Jude (my brother-in-law) with Olivia.




I have more for today’s post, but I have some work I need to get out of the way first.