The Dangers of Friendship

Wikipedia defines friendship this way:

Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans.

I want to focus on the "co-operative and supportive" aspect for just a moment.  I have a "friend", I shall call her…"Kate".  Now I’ve known this "Kate" for a little more than a year.  And in that year’s time my life has taken a nose dive.  "Kate" has introduced me to: knitted socks, sheep and wool festivals, quality yarn, knitting and craft shows – and is a large part of why my life has turned into a yarn/knitting obsessed one (see post on Obsessive behavior).

And as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday I had to make a "quick" run to JoAnn’s to pick up some yarn to finish the ever lasting Baby Hearts blanket and I make the HUGE mistake of taking "Kate" with me. 

She made me take a stop here:


And now I’m probably hooked for life.  I ordered an orange thing that reminded me of the frosted orange thing at The Varsity in Atlanta, which then fostered those long ago Saturday afternoon Georgia Tech games in which The Varsity is a must do with 2 chili cheese dogs, onion rings and a frosted orange.  Ah, those were the days. Then I started drooling and thinking about going there when I next visit Atlanta…wait.  Stop!  Focus!

"Kate" has done me a grievously bad thing. Certainly not "co-operative" and certainly not "supportive".  What kind of friend is this anyway?

The wonderful kind that will knit with me. 🙂


9 Things I LOVE About May 9th (2008)

9.  This year it falls on a Friday.

8.  I have no homework to think about.

7.  It is someone’s birthday (I don’t know who, but the law of averages says that someone had to have been born on this day and a birthday is always cause for celebration.)

6.  I get to knit.

5.  I get to watch TV/Movies all night.

4.  I get to eat pizza.

3.  My roommate won’t be home.

2.  It will not be hot outside.

1.  I get to spend a relaxing, cool (breezy) Friday evening eating pizza, watching movies, not thinking about homework, all the while knitting on someone’s birthday.  How cool is that.  I love May 9th.