Obsessive behavior?

I just can’t help but think back to where I was just 4 years ago.  I had just learned to crochet, had crocheted by first baby blanket (that turned out lopsided, but who cares?) and was getting ready to learn to knit.  I had no idea that I would become obsessed with "fiber" and with patterns and with the industry as a whole.  I’m actually a little disappointed with myself for allowing such irrational behavior come from me – a person who is by nature not really obsessive about things.  It’s just about all I think about in my spare time.  I’m going to start looking for a cure, there is just no excuse for this.

I attended a congregational meeting at church last night and yes, I was knitting.  I had more comments…this just needs to stop.  After I’ve finished my socks, my new niece’s baby blanket and sweater, by existing niece’s sweater, my felted purse, the afghan I’m crocheting, my next pair of socks and the mittens.  What else…oh yes, the myriad of washcloths for people, a scarf for my godson, an afghan for me and maybe even a bookmark (thread crochet).  See?  Obsessed.  I’ll try to post pictures of baby blanket and sock progress in a few days.  Until then I really, really have to study.