Economic Stimulus Check

I suspect that many of you have already received your "ESC".  I should be receiving mine shortly and, like a red-blooded American who is totally driven by purchasing power, I already have plans for it.  I plan on enhancing the way I store my stash.  Nothing fancy, but something that is much needed.  I have opted not to enhance the stash, just improve its resting place.

I wonder, though, how many knitters are going to use the check to enhance their stash?  I’m actually more wondering if I should be at all concerned with the potential decrease in the world’s supply of yarn.  Hm.  Let me think about this one.

Okay.  It seems as though I have enough projects to take me into 2011, so I shouldn’t be too concerned with not having something to knit.  However, a good yarn purchase is tempting, even if there is no project in mind for it.  Now using the scale that the Yarn Harlot uses for judging the condition of my stash, I would have to say that up until this point I’ve been a conscientious yarn purchaser, buying only with a specific project and only when I’m ready to seriously think about making the project.  I know that this means that I am in serious stash debt, but I’m willing to live this way because my knitting time is limited and if I don’t the yarn will take over the house.  And while some of you would love that (the yarn being in control of the house), my books would get too jealous and I really don’t want the thought that WW 3 started in my living room with the stash and the books nuking duking it out.

So, I’m thinking that purchasing stash is out of the picture for now.  At least until I can safely move the books into a non-threatened stance.  It may take longer than you would think.  I have a lot of books.