There is still a baby without a blanket out there…

Spring is flirting with us up here in the northern Illinois part of the country. Last week it was a respectable 70’s something and this week? 40’s, possibly some 50’s – but cold none the less. I had to go and retrieve my nice winter coat out of the back of the closet yesterday. Hopefully spring will come back for good soon. And it is as I am lamenting this rather bizarre weather that I am reminded that there is a baby, named Abigail, to whom I had promised a blanket, that is still without. I’m betting it could have come in good use right about now, but sadly it is still in progress. Her parents, I’m sure, think I’ve forgotten about said blanket, but I haven’t. The guilt is tearing me up, though. So I made the executive decision today that socks will have to wait – blanket takes priority. I have 1 1/2 rows of hears to do and then a border. I CAN DO THIS! (the pictures are on Ravelry) (I also realize that while Abigail is only 3 months old and has no awareness/memory of promise, her parents do, and I don’t want the ramifications of that down the line – “Yes, this blanket was made by some person who finished it when you were 2, even though we could have used it the winter you were born because it was a really bad winter….”)


3 thoughts on “There is still a baby without a blanket out there…

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