Blond moment

I am knitting happily way on my socks.  They now come up to about mid foot, which means that I’ll be close to doing the "heel turn" soon.  In a moment on inspiration I decided to add some "decoration" to the socks instead of having straight stockinette.  I didn’t want anything really complicated because I love not being tied to a pattern right now.  So, I created a little diamond inside a diamond thing.  You can start to see it on one of the pictures below.  Well nearly as soon as I started to knit the darn thing I started messing the pattern up.  So I continued to work the semblance of the pattern and when I had supposedly gotten through one an a half diamonds I gave up.  And I’m NOT frogging – no way.  So I’m stuck with a partial pattern going across the top of my foot.  At least I wear non-sandals most of the time.