First Knitting Class Adventure

I had a slightly luxurious and indulgent adventure yesterday. I decided to go to a Fiber Art Fair in a town about 100 miles west of where I live. Two and a half hours there….two and a half hours back. Long day. Here are some pics from the drive there.


They look almost the same don’t they? They were actually taken about 30 minutes apart. This was essentially the who drive, open farmland and small towns. I decided to take back roads there, to Cedarville, Illinois, because it is basically due west of where I lived. To take the interstate would have added about 40 miles to the trip and I would have driven way south and then west and then north to get to Cedarville. I used Google Maps and had the whole thing planned…well, or so I thought. I apparently stayed on one road for too long and ended up going in a slightly more circuitous route, but I figured out my mistake and was able to correct it with very little problems. I think in the end it was easier to retrace my route using the wrong turn rather than the originally planned route, so Someone was looking out for me.

This is the place where the fiber art fair was:


Small Town USA. I happened to get there really early so I had an opportunity to walk around before my class (the class was the indulgent part, the getting there was the adventurous part). I decided to take a "how to knit two mittens tip to cuff at the same time on one long circular needle" class. This is the yarn I purchased for my first pair of mittens:


The picture doesn’t really do the yarn justice, but it is quite pretty. Tahki 100% wool. The base yarn is a dark gray/black variegated with a wrap-around yarn that is variegated in bright primary colors. Really nice combination. This was my instructor, Beth:

clip_image010She was very patient and helpful.  Her one claim at the beginning of the class was that she had been knitting since Truman was president.  When was that?  1980? 


There were 7 of us in the class and I think we all "got" it in the end but not without our trials and errors.  We learned a new cast on – the Turkish cast on and it took us the better part of an hour to get it straight.  Here are some pictures from the process – I apologize for some of the fuzziness – I’ve just found out that I don’t know how to take photos that are in focus.

This is just after the cast on and the first row knit, which is a securing row.