Sock Progress

I had a near disaster last week that I’m still trying to overcome. I was at dinner in the “mess” hall at school, happily knitting away on the socks when tragedy struck. Now I must preface this tragedy with the fact that I was getting it. This was my first time –by my self– knitting on the complexity of these socks and by George (sorry George) – I was getting it! Well, as it would happen, I arrived at the end of a row, the last stitch being an increase stitch (knit in back then knit in front of the same stitch) when it just popped off my needles. But that’s not the tragic part. What I attempted to do then was to try and fix it myself. Never AGAIN shall I EVER attempt such silliness. When I realized that all was lost I seriously contemplated committing sock suicide (not me silly, the socks) and frogging them. I would have felt better anyway, knowing that they no longer existed, but then my thoughts turned to “how will I explain this to Kate”? And that thought alone stopped me in my tracks. I gingerly placed the socks back into the bag and proceeded to seek out chocolate. (For those of you who don’t know me that well..I don’t eat chocolate).

The next evening I called Kate and she came to my rescue. How she fixed it I haven’t a clue, but she did. I went home that night (Friday) and placed the socks in time out for 24-hours (they were lucky, another project that I started has been in time out for the same reason (dropped stitch) for about 6 months now) and picked them up again on Saturday and they acted as if nothing ever happened.

So once again I found myself understanding the directions; able to tell which way was up (or down in the case of socks) when I suddenly noticed something was askew. Not wrong, just askew. Apparently Kate use one of her own size 2 Addi Turbo circular needles to fix mine, except that I now had her needle, which is, oh, about 10 inches shorter than my needle. Oops. No big deal, I was still able to knit all weekend and adjust to having one really long needle and one really short one.

I brought the project to work yesterday and went to Kate’s office to show her the askewness going on and when she saw her needle, being marked by it being bent, she started laughing. Apparently she had spent the whole weekend wondering why she had 3 long size 2 circs and one short one…I guess I’m not the only natural blond one. đŸ™‚ Sorry Kate, just couldn’t resist.

I’ll have pictures soon. The toes are cute.

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  1. Ah, I see you have discovered the cure-all for knitting frustration–Chocolate! I know you can do the socks now. You are already learning on your own. Hang in their girl!

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